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real-time supply chain visibility and management

Activ’s president and CEO, Jaymie Forrest, joined the panelists to discuss advantages of digital transformation to gain shorter lead times, meet customer demands, lower costs, and adapt to gain competitive advantage in the ever-changing market conditions.

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Integrate with Ease

Are you drowning in data? Do you need real-time integration with trading partners? Our rapid connectivity eliminates internal and external data silos creating a single system of record for orders, customers, facilities, inventory, shipments, financials and more.

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Gain Visibility

Do you have real-time visibility of supplier schedules, forecasts, inventory, capacity, orders, shipments and transportation? Our cloud-based, digital supply chain platform facilitates rapid identification of events and exceptions with real-time alerts tailored to each user. The result—a visible supply chain.

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Synchronize and Manage

Struggling to get control of orders and schedules from multiple sites and systems? We synchronize supply chain processes from beginning to end—and you benefit from smoother supply chain execution.

Empowering Digital Supply Chains

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