Real-time Visibility. Faster Response.

Get rapid identification of supply chain events and exceptions with real-time alerts tailored to each type of user.

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From forecasts, inventory, capacity and orders to shipments and logistics, ActiVate provides the real-time visibility needed to compete at today’s rapid pace. And this end-to-end supply chain visibility means greater efficiency, better service levels and more on-time deliveries.

Order and Inventory Visibility

Activate Demand Dashboard


Inventory positions

Purchase orders

Delivery orders

Planning/shipping schedules

Supplier fulfillment promises


Probability and risk of stockouts

Expected fill rate

Anomaly detection of outlier demand

Adjusted schedules


Increased fill rates

Fewer expedited shipments

Stockout minimization

Better inventory allocation

Improved customer service

Shipment Visibility


Bills of lading (BOL)

Advance shipping notices (ASN)

Carrier shipment status

Receipt confirmation (POD)


Probability of on-time delivery

Hours ahead / behind delivery schedule

Exceptions and interruptions, shipment delays


Earlier alerts to late deliveries

Faster, accurate receiving process enabled by automated order receipt and shipping labels

Better customer service

Activate Shipping Dashboard

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