Resolve Disruptions and Minimize Risk

Move beyond visibility to monitor, manage, optimize and automate supply, demand and logistics networks in real-time.

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Our integration, visibility, collaboration and AI capabilities all work in tandem to help better coordinate supply chain operations – all in real-time. From procurement to inventory, replenishment, and fulfillment plans, our Digital Supply Chain Control Tower helps you minimize risks and resolve issues across multi-tier, multi-enterprise supply chains, including inbound and outbound freight. 

Advanced Supply Chain Control Tower Capabilities

Ease of integration

for faster and more cost-effective onboarding

End-to-end supply chain visibility

across suppliers, contract manufacturers, distributors, customers and logistics providers

Alerts and exception notifications

tailored to different user needs

Real-time collaboration

to better coordinate operations with multiple tiers of trading partners

Automated adjustments to supply chain elements

adjust actions based on defined business rules and parameters

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

machine learning for continuous improvement

Want to see real-time supply chain management in action?

Empowering Digital Supply Chains