A Proven Foundation for Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Our cloud-based, multienterprise platform digitally transforms entire business processes. Synchronize forecasts, production, order and inventory management, and logistics in real-time—improving operations and service while lowering costs.

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The ActiVate Platform

A visible supply chain that’s founded on data integration forms the foundation of your supply chain transformation. Building on that foundation, you enable synchronization—leading to a complete digital supply chain and the benefits of real-time management of operations and services.

Why ActiVate?

Real-time end-to-end integration, a visible supply chain, and synchronization delivered by our platform provides:

Without any capitalized IT costs, our customers realize better profitability and performance in just a few short weeks

Make faster decisions with real-time integration between enterprise systems and among your supply chain partners

Create a single system of record by eliminating internal and external data silos

Automatically cleanse, translate, normalize and extend data to remove redundancies and create logical dependencies

Drive improved decision-making with predictive and prescriptive analytics

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Visibility screen

Efficiently manage distributed orders with omnichannel visibility

Improve fulfillment with inventory visibility

Get real-time shipment visibility via alerts on supply chain events and exceptions

Analyze scorecards for suppliers and logistics providers

Gain actionable insight through an end-to-end visible supply chain

Control costs with smoother order, inventory and shipment management

Strengthen customer and vendor relationships with real-time collaboration

Speed cost-effective decisions for order fulfillment

Respond faster to supply chain volatility and disruptions

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Control Tower

Minimize risks and resolve issues across multi-tier, multi-enterprise supply chains 

Monitor, manage and analyze demand, supply and logistics networks in real-time

Leverage integration, visibility, collaboration and AI capabilities to better coordinate supply chain operations

Make continuous improvements with predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as machine learning

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