Greater Traceability and Transparency

Automate processes, secure information exchange and lower costs using Blockchain.

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With its ability to publicly or privately validate, record, and distribute transactions in encrypted ledgers, our Blockchain technology provides the platform for a more efficient, predictable and secure exchange of supply chain information.

ActiVate’s Blockchain streamlines supply chain activities such as:

Recording the quantity and transfer of assets—like pallets, trailers, and containers—as they move around the globe

Tracking purchase orders, change orders, receipts, shipment notifications, and more

Linking physical goods to serial numbers, bar codes, and digital tags like RFID

Sharing information about manufacturing process, assembly, delivery, and maintenance of products with suppliers and vendors

With our Blockchain, you benefit from a shared ledger that’s updated and validated instantaneously by each network participant. The results are:

Greater collaboration, streamlined inventory management, improved asset utilization

Complete traceability, ensured data integrity, improved data management

Enhanced transparency by documenting an item’s journey and touchpoints across the supply chain

Unlimited scalability for any number of participants, accessing from countless touchpoints

Tighter security via a shared, indelible ledger with codified rules to reduce the need for audits

Want to see real-time supply chain management in action?

Empowering Digital Supply Chains